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#1 : Let’s cycle in Northern Ireland !

It’s been a long time since I wrote on the blog, but a lot happened.

Couple of weeks ago, I challenged myself and decided to cycle around Ireland. Around is a big word as I only did from Belfast to Portrush but by the Antrim coastal road. Continue reading “#1 : Let’s cycle in Northern Ireland !”

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San Francisco #1 : Lombard Street, Fisherman’s Wharf

Today, let’s go to the city that will challenge your calves: San Francisco!

San Francisco is the city that sounds super relaxed! The one where you want to picnic on a lawn in a park or on the harbor overlooking the Golden Bridge. This is the city where you see yourself running and hang on to the tram elegantly. Well no no no!

Come on, let’s go! Continue reading “San Francisco #1 : Lombard Street, Fisherman’s Wharf”

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Street Art in Los Angeles

Today, we will talk about art, but not the one found in museums, no no! The one that we can find outside, the one that catches our eye when we have not asked for anything, the one that will make us smile on the way to work or during a ride, the one that will shock us and make us think, the one that is accessible to most of us: The Street Art. Continue reading “Street Art in Los Angeles”

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Chelsea Market and the High Line

In the heart of Manhattan, among the buildings, there is not only Central Park that brings greenery. There is also the High Line of Chelsea. This is one of my favorites in New York, so much that I went there twice in two days, just to know if the feeling would be the same on a rainy day … Well yes!
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New York, New York : First anecdotes

My trip to the United States began as a cliché of a bad teen movie …

Indeed, I looked badly at the airport of arrival on my flight ticket, I thought to arrive at the airport of Newark, but instead, I arrived at the airport of Steward in the state of New York … which is around 120 km from New York …

A short moment of panic, then I say to myself “No but there must be a train or a bus?” No information … I am starting to check for carpool websites, but no one is driving from Steward to Manhattan, it must be said that in addition, it is Sunday, and in addition, it is Pentecost … As we say in France : This is the pompon! (Bad translation, but I was laughing so loud that I had to write it here … sorry …) I tell myself that I will eventually ask the people who were on the plane with me to know if someone would go to Manhattan, but people ran away as soon as they get their luggages … Great start in the US !

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When you want to stop everything …

Today, let’s talk seriously. Because traveling is fun, we discover new places, new cultures, we meet people, we are relaxed … But there is always a moment, where you wonder if you should just stop everything and go back home!

Yes, yes, you know, that little voice that says to you: “Well, it’s all over, you’ve finished your existential crisis, now you’re putting everything inside your backpack and you’re going home! “

This moment can happen at anytime, usually it happens when you fail at a point of the trip. Today, I will tell you one of MY moments.

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Stop over in Dubai

Dubai, Dubai, Dubai … What about you? A nice surprise on my way to Singapore.

Indeed, when I searched online to find the perfect route between Dublin and Singapore, I compared several flights compared to their place of stop over. Well yes, there is no direct Dublin-Singapore yet …

And while many people find the stopovers long and boring, well I take the opportunity to have a break and stretch my legs for a few hours or a day and that’s what happened for Dubai.

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Northern Drakensberg

Today, I take you above the clouds at the top of the Tugela Falls! The highest waterfalls in Africa and the second highest in the world.

MapI introduce you to Northern Drakensberg, a mountainous region of South Africa between Durban and Johannesburg. Far from everything, this region is very sparsely populated and that is just happiness in its purest form!

The hike I made that day was done with a guide because this region and especially this hike is extremely dangerous especially with the capricious weather of this region of Africa.

To do this hike, I went to a hotel near Bergville, The Amphitheater Backpackers Lodge accessible either by car or with the buses of the company Baz Bus that stop right in front of the reception of this hotel, hostel and camping.

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