Why this website ?

This website is here for you! Yes you ! Anyone looking for information on his next trip and who unfortunately does not find them … Do not worry, I’ve been there before! And it is from these hours of research that the website is born.

I still remember the time, where, I was desperately searching for information about my next destinations and some of them seemed so well known and yet I found nothing at all. Finally, nothing at all … just the basic information found on all sites but not essential information especially for a girl, like:

  • Is this country worth it?
  • Is this country dangerous?
  • Is this country dangerous for a girl traveling solo?
  • Is this destination a tourist trap?
  • How to go to a distant country with only one month’s salary? …
  • And as I did not find the answers to my questions, so I did some research and finally, I went directly on the spot!

So yes, I braved the unknown and I went to South Africa, this country supposedly dangerous, alone, with my backpack. Yes, I went to the other side of the world alone, without a point of fall, without knowing people there, with only one-way trip and without enough money to pay for the return way. And above all, yes, I made incredible discoveries on the spot, the people and especially on myself …

I hope this website will answer some of your questions and concerns and if it is not, do not hesitate to contact me 🙂

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