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Preparation of a 3 weeks trip in 3 different cities

Today, I decided to put my “preparation” online for my 3 weeks trip to the United States.

If I wrote “preparation” like this, it’s just that this trip was a last-minute trip, because the takeoff is scheduled for next week and my plane tickets were purchased just yesterday. Yes, yes, I think the site Last Minute was created for me … Even if in the end, I absolutely did not use it …

Initially, I wanted to go to Alaska to do the Stampede Trail, but for once, a week was a bit too short to get everything ready and so this trip is postponed to the next year. But I did not see myself staying 3 weeks at home, even if Ireland is beautiful!

So I decided to go

to California, but stubborn as I am, I could not go to the United States for the first time without going to New York.

So I decided to go on a trip of 3 weeks in 3 different cities: New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

  • But in what order should we proceed for a trip to the United States?

Now, it gets a little complicated, because to enter there, you need a document: the ESTA that will be asked on this website: US Customs and Border Protection and which costs $ 14 at the time of writing . This could be simple, but to make the request, you need a drop-off point in United States, so you’ll have to book a hotel without even knowing if ESTA’s request will be successful.

So, booking a hotel to make the request and finally have an address on site. This is where the cold shower arrives … The price of hotels in New York!

I am not picky and the hostels do not bother me, so this will be a hostel for 5 nights. I found one not too far from the Brooklyn Bridge, it looks clean (according to the photos) and it is especially one of the cheapest for the moment, 5 nights for 237 €.

Once the hotel is booked, return to the website for the ESTA request, full of all kinds of questions, including a page where if you are logical enough, you will answer only by no to ensure you an entry to the United States. A quick payment of $ 14 and a page refresh later and voila (French word with an English pronunciation… weird 😉 ), my application to enter in the United States is accepted! Remains to find a plane …


  • The rest of the organization :

After the cold (frozen) shower of booking a hotel in New York, all you have to do is plan the rest of the trip.

Always in the same order afterwards: plane ticket, hotel, plane ticket, hotel …

Now, let’s talk about a serious matter: the budget … As I said in the presentation page, I’m not the kind of person who save for a trip, but rather to leave with the money I have at the moment . So I paid the plane tickets with my money of the moment, and for the hotels, I will pay them directly there, because luckily my next pay will arrive during the trip 🙂

Regarding air tickets, here is the technique: look at several Skyscanner sites, personally I always open the French Skyscanner website, Skyscanner Irish website and that’s a reflex : Skyscanner Australian website , why? Because the three are not going to show the same airlines (great mystery?!?) And especially do not give the same rates (after converting Australian dollars into euros, of course!) So, we open the three, we launch the same search and we look at the lowest price, then we note the name of the airline that offers this cheapest price and go directly to their website to see if there is a rate even lower .. I do admit it, that’s a weasel technique (literal translation from French, not sure it’s good  but at least, you will laugh 🙂 ), but it does not take much time and can save you a lot of euros, like a one-way New York – Dublin for 88.61 € … You have to add 35 € for checked baggage, but still 🙂

Capture d_écran 2018-05-13 à 21.17.43

For hotels, we will not necessarily find low prices in the United States, whether New York, Los Angeles or San Francisco, even hostels are very expensive, so here I used another technique, the cash back technique 🙂 Come on, I explain:

Personally, I use the site iGraal (Wait, I have a surprise for you at the end of the article;)). Just register and then go through this site or install the extension for your browser and then go to partner sites, there are plenty, including,, Hotels .com, and as soon as you have booked your stay, you will receive cash back which you can ask once the 20 € of cash back reached. Do not worry, it’s going very fast, I reached the 20 € just with the hotel nights of this trip, woop woop! And this is not just about hotels, there are other sites like travel agencies, car rental, online clothing shopping sites, books … Anyway!

As far as preparations are concerned, it seems to me that everything has been said. For the rest, we will see all this directly there, promised, I will tell you everything!

Now, thing promised, thing due: here is an iGraal referral link that will make you pocket € 3 when registering 🙂


3 thoughts on “Preparation of a 3 weeks trip in 3 different cities”

  1. Bien que les Etats-Unis ne soient pas un projet actuellement, je trouve qu’il est rassurant de pouvoir partir à la dernière minute dans ce pays. Je pensais sincèrement qu’il fallait plusieurs mois avant d’obtenir l’autorisation. Mais peut-être que cela est dû à l’obtention du passeport ?


    1. De mon côté, cela n’a pris que quelques minutes.
      Au niveau du passeport, je ne sais pas si cela joue vraiment. Le mien est électronique et non biométrique et expire dans un an. D’habitude, j’ai plus de vérifications que ça lorsque je demande un visa ou une autorisation d’entrée dans un pays.
      J’ai été moi-même étonnée de la rapidité de l’acceptation de la demande, je me voyais déjà annuler l’hôtel et trouver un autre voyage de dernière minute 🙂

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