Stop over in Dubai

Dubai, Dubai, Dubai … What about you? A nice surprise on my way to Singapore.

Indeed, when I searched online to find the perfect route between Dublin and Singapore, I compared several flights compared to their place of stop over. Well yes, there is no direct Dublin-Singapore yet …

And while many people find the stopovers long and boring, well I take the opportunity to have a break and stretch my legs for a few hours or a day and that’s what happened for Dubai.

I have always been curious about this city that I found artificial and flashy, but I did not see myself going to spend holidays in Dubai. So I inquired about the terms of entry to Dubai and I took advantage of a stopover of 13 hours in Dubai.

For the terms of entry, no problem for the French, we have a 90-day visa directly at the airport. Dubai’s immigration passage is very efficient and fast, and so, just 20 minutes after landing, I found myself in Dubai’s subway to Dubai Mall, Burj Khalifa and fountains.


Moreover, the world is small, since in the subway train, I found myself face to face with a friend I had not seen for 3 years and who was coming back from Asia, but that nobody cares except me …

So, I hear you from here:

“What is she saying, a day is not long enough to see Dubai, she probably has seen the Dubai Mall and that’s it!”

Not at all ! If you are well organized, you can see a good part of the city, I explain 🙂

So, when I got out of the airport, I went to Burj Khalifa to get to the observatory of this 163 floors tower.

“She can afford a ticket and queuing for hours to get there … She just made fun of us saying that she had seen a good part of the city, she saw it from up there only! ”

No, no and no ! Always in the range of good deals, a friend of mine advised me to go see on Groupon Dubai to see the offers they had and in Dubai, they do not laugh at all with the specials on Groupon! So I could afford the Burj Khalifa with priority entry and hot drink with a pastry for about 34 € (exchange rate of the moment), so do not hesitate to have a look at Groupon from time to time when you travel 🙂


Then, I bought a 24hours ticket on the website of City Sightseeing Dubai in order to be able to take advantage of all the circuits serving the city from the Dubai Mall until the Palm, from the Burj El Arab to the souks along the beaches of the city. In short, the day was busy and I even did one more bus ride just to enjoy the view and the sun on the roof top of the bus … A real tourist!

Finally, I returned to the airport to continue my trip to Singapore.

I had a crush on this city that I was not thinking I will like … So, there are only fools who do not change their minds;)

Here are some pictures of the stop over, enjoy 🙂



2 thoughts on “Stop over in Dubai”

  1. Hello! jolies photos et bel article! J’ai une escale de 10h à Dubai en revenant du Japon cet été. Je vais en profiter pour aller voir le Burj Khalifa, merci pour l’info sur Groupon Dubai 😉


    1. Pas de souci 🙂 Profite bien de ton escale à Dubai, elle en vaut la peine et ce serait dommage de rester enfermé à l’aéroport alors qu’il fera sûrement un temps superbe à l’exterieur 🙂


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