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When you want to stop everything …

Today, let’s talk seriously. Because traveling is fun, we discover new places, new cultures, we meet people, we are relaxed … But there is always a moment, where you wonder if you should just stop everything and go back home!

Yes, yes, you know, that little voice that says to you: “Well, it’s all over, you’ve finished your existential crisis, now you’re putting everything inside your backpack and you’re going home! “

This moment can happen at anytime, usually it happens when you fail at a point of the trip. Today, I will tell you one of MY moments.

This moment has arrived for me in Australia after 6 months of travel. The trigger: a car accident. Yes, yes, it is not because you are abroad that you can not have an accident!

So, I can already hear some people (Come on boys) say: “Oh yes, woman driving … In addition, she is blonde … She had to simply get into the car from behind trying to park …” No, none of that! For information, I was not driving.

In short, February 1, 2016 when with two of my friends we traveled the Tasmanian roads in search of a job, the drama arrived.

Projet - Dessin 1

A potato truck (a very important detail) crashed into the car and drove us off the road violently, damaging the car. To summarize without putting a picture, the trunk of the car was returned to the back seat, the rear seat on the front seat, the front seat in the windshield and us … We were miraculously fine, the body covered with pieces of glass from the windshield, but fine. Arrived on site, the police were themselves very surprised that we were going much better than the car which, as Bourvil would say “Bah elle va marcher beaucoup moins bien forcément !”

The real negative point of this accident being the loss of all our business, all our fortune. Because like many of us, of you as well, we had all our belongings in the trunk of the car, the backpacks, the tents, the food … All this destroyed in the accident and in compensation for the loss of the car and all our stuff, the driver of the truck took advantage of our state of shock and our status as backpackers to compensate us $ 1000 … He still deposited us in a hostel in the nearest city with our $ 1000 for 3 and then, no more news from him …

I remember the 3 nights spent at this hostel checking our stuff to find out what was still usable or not. Reassemble a tent to see the broken parts and try to fix it with tape and then decide that the hostel was too expensive for 3 girls without money and start hitchhiking to a campsite near a farm to try to find work. For the irony of the thing, on the scene of the accident, one of the farmers who had been visited, called us to tell us that he hired us all three … But the farm being inaccessible without a car, we have had to decline the job offer.

In short, we went to the campground of Longford, a small town in Tasmania, to have a cheap place to stay and to make money again. But it was then that I wondered if I should not just go back home … Going back to a normal life, a normal job … (What made the weight in the balance at this was the money … I did not even have enough money to pay for a return ticket … And I do not know about you, but I hate to ask for money, and even more to my family)

So here is where I lived for 2 months, the time to earn enough money for the rest of the travel:


Well, for information, the table and chairs were objects that we found near the garbage bins of the campsite … I’m not here for you to have pity on me, far from it, but as I explained in the description of the website, it also brings to self-analysis. And at that moment, I wondered if I would really be able to continue, far from everyone, far from everything and with nothing.

The answer was yes !

I was first hired by a strawberry farm not far from the campsite, I worked 2 months and a half with only 3 days off, all to save a maximum of money (it takes time to save money when working on strawberry farm), then I could invest in a car to sleep in and no longer in the tent. After the strawberry farm, I was hired by a potato farm and then, well, it pays much better ($ 22 an hour for 40h week) and one day, the farmer was talking about an accident that his main competitor had with a car containing backpackers … He was talking about our accident …

When I told him that I was present at the scene of the accident in question, he did everything possible to contact the person responsible for the accident so that we could finally obtain our due, but I refused the meeting because for me it was the past, that I had evolved since then and that the accident had forged my personality. And all I wanted in the end was that the person in charge of the accident would analyse the behavior he had, knowing that now some people were aware about the accident, and not just my friends and him . Moreover, without this accident, I could never have discovered what I was capable of, I would never have met the great people who lived at the campsite, whether it was the Australians who came for the weekend or the backpackers or those with whom I have done a long way in the future …

Ok, that was the article that won’t serve you much, but I had to talk about it one day or another, because this story was never fully told. If it can reassure you that everyone can have doubt even while traveling, even in heavenly places, even when you are with your friends, whether you are a girl like me or a boy, it can happen, it is rather normal and it will forge your personality.

And as someone told me one day “We do not care, good or bad, it makes memories!”

Bonus: photo of my 4 stars-hotel for a part of my adventures Down Under:



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