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New York, New York : First anecdotes

My trip to the United States began as a cliché of a bad teen movie …

Indeed, I looked badly at the airport of arrival on my flight ticket, I thought to arrive at the airport of Newark, but instead, I arrived at the airport of Steward in the state of New York … which is around 120 km from New York …

A short moment of panic, then I say to myself “No but there must be a train or a bus?” No information … I am starting to check for carpool websites, but no one is driving from Steward to Manhattan, it must be said that in addition, it is Sunday, and in addition, it is Pentecost … As we say in France : This is the pompon! (Bad translation, but I was laughing so loud that I had to write it here … sorry …) I tell myself that I will eventually ask the people who were on the plane with me to know if someone would go to Manhattan, but people ran away as soon as they get their luggages … Great start in the US !

Finally, after getting my backpack, I saw a very tiny sign about the Norwegian airline, the one with whom I arrived here. And it sets up a Steward – Manhattan direct shuttle for $ 20! Great ! It remains to know where the shuttle is, I arrived outside and rushed to the shuttle because I saw the doors closing! Phew! The driver saw me and said “It was short, because it’s the last shuttle of the day” (It was barely noon) And a nice adrenaline rush to start the holidays!

I can already hear people say “She made us an article on good deals for flight tickets and at the end she messed up! She would have done better to take the more expensive ticket!” And no ! Finally, with $ 20 to add on the flight ticket, the ticket is still much cheaper than the others, and in addition, makes us see a little bit of New York landscape before arriving in this busy city, a really good transition out of the plane .

Capture d_écran 2018-05-22 à 17.24.49

So I get on this bus and felt like a teenager in those American TV shows that would have run away to go to a remote state of the United States.

Well, that was the anecdote of the beginning of the trip. Do not worry, clumsy as I am, there will be others 🙂

So the bus was speeding on the highway and I saw a green landscape that looks like Ireland, scrolling before my eyes. Where is the city? Where are the skyscrapers? And the Empire State Building then?

After more than an hour’s drive, here they are! We began to distinguish the island of Manhattan and its buildings. And it’s impressive! Directly joining this island, we arrived in Time Square and Broadway, and there was a shock! The screens were really huge! There were advertisements for all tastes and the same goes for musicals! I felt very small in the middle of all of this.

The city was teeming, people were in a hurry, jostling, so I decided to stop for the moment and to join my hotel only to put my backpack. So I get into the subway station to discover the New York underground.


After dropping off my backpack, I decided to explore southeastern Manhattan looking for the Brooklyn Bridge. However, it was the same on this side, the bridge was crowded. I will cross one morning, early 🙂

So I explored the neighborhood around me and engulfed me in Chinatown and Little Italy.

I discovered a skatepark located under the Manhattan Bridge, typical buildings with fire escape stairs, yellow taxis and manholes that start to smoke … No, no, it’s not just that in the movies!

I had already seen some pictures of New York food on the websites, but I only wanted to discover that with my own eyes. So after 5 minutes of standing on the sidewalk of an ice cream vendor, I went out with a perfect ice cream made of vanilla-strawberry ice cream, a fish-shaped waffle stuffed with red beans and lots of vermicelli and candy so that this ice cream looks like a unicorn. If you too want to explode your blood sugar, this is happening here: Taiyaki at 119 Baxter Street in Chinatown.

glace Taiyaki

Okay, that’s all for this article (And it’s already a lot!) It summed up my first day in New York 🙂 With the starting funny story, but as I told you in a previous article: “We do not care, good or bad, it makes memories! “

If you too have good deals on New York, do not hesitate to share them!

See you next time 🙂


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