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Chelsea Market and the High Line

In the heart of Manhattan, among the buildings, there is not only Central Park that brings greenery. There is also the High Line of Chelsea. This is one of my favorites in New York, so much that I went there twice in two days, just to know if the feeling would be the same on a rainy day … Well yes!


This park located ten meters above the ground, overlooks the entire district of Chelsea for 2.3 km. It is similar to a long botanical garden, there are even teams of horticulturists present all day. In addition, the High Line is a non-smoking place, it is already less pollution for your lungs, even if there are cars all around: /

For the little historical side: The High Line is an old railway line, which was in operation from 1930 to 1980 and then abandoned until 1999, when an association was created to save this railway track from destruction to make it a suspension park. It is only in 2009 that the first part of the park will be inaugurated followed by the second part in 2011 and the third in 2014.


To access the High Line, there are several entries if you want to go through it from beginning to the end, you should enter either by the south entrance, located at Gansevoort Street, either by entering North, located at the corner of 34th Street and 11th Avenue.

For art lovers, street art in particular, you will find a lot of works along the way, and if you look closely, on the facades of buildings all around as well.

On the other hand, do not be fooled, as soon as there is a little sun, it’s crowded! While when it rains, there is no one. So if you have a rainy day during your stay in New York, get an umbrella and think about taking a ride there. Personally, I absolutely did not regret doing it in the rain, I also saw more things like I was not jostled by the crowd.

The good plan is to go to Chelsea Market before going on the High Line. Even if there are food stalls in parts of this walk, you will definitely have more choice at Chelsea Market, and if I can recommend something is to have breakfast at Sarabeth’s, their banana and blueberries pancakes are to die for 🙂 $12 if I remember well, but they are worth it! These are surely the best pancakes ever eaten so far!


And for the Scrooge who will say “But they are not cheap at all those pancakes!” Indeed, but this compensates with the fact that access to the High Line is free.

Otherwise, at Chelsea Market, there is something more than food 🙂 There are also small shops of designers, artists, jewelry, bookshops …

In short, full of ideas for original souvenirs from New York 🙂

See you later !

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