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Street Art in Los Angeles

Today, we will talk about art, but not the one found in museums, no no! The one that we can find outside, the one that catches our eye when we have not asked for anything, the one that will make us smile on the way to work or during a ride, the one that will shock us and make us think, the one that is accessible to most of us: The Street Art.

Strolling the streets of Los Angeles, you can come across real murals. The streets with the most of them are surely Melrose Boulevard and the promenade of Venice Beach. Otherwise, some were found when I was wandering  in the streets and neighborhoods of Los Angeles 🙂 And because they are real works of art, I had to share them, some are signed and have the pseudo Instagram of their creator, like @jgoldcrown, @ teachr1, @ BMagee5 and @violetclair.

Here are some, I will not sign the photos this time, because I will not steal the work of these street artists 🙂


Here is what we can find on Venice Beach :

And the others that I found when wandering :


If you too have discovered real urban art, feel free to share them 🙂

2 thoughts on “Street Art in Los Angeles”

  1. Elles sont toutes top mais j’aime particulièrement la dernière œuvre ! Balance le nom de l’auteur stp !
    Et dire que les street artists étaient longtemps considérés comme des délinquants…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Alors je n’ai pas le nom de l’auteur de la dernière… Il ne l’avait pas signée malheureusement… C’est ma préférée également 🙂


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