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How I escaped to Alcatraz

(Yes, I know, we usually escape from Alcatraz and not to Alcatraz :))

Today, a little trip to the island worldwide known, not for the sun and palm trees, but for much more disturbing facts: Alcatraz.

A bit of history: Alcatraz prison was first a military fort (from 1850 to 1909) then a military prison (from 1909 to 1933) and finally a federal penitentiary (from 1934 until its closure on March 21st 1963)


The prison never reached its maximum occupancy. Of the 336 existing cells, only 302 were occupied at most. The average occupation being 260 prisoners.


The prisoners sent to Alcatraz were prisoners who were judged to be difficult by the other penitentiary institutions. They were sent to Alcatraz in order to calm down and then return to the original penitentiary.


Al Capone is one of the most famous occupants of the prison. That said, his cell number is completely unknown, because he has more often attended the isolation cell of the hospital than his own cell.


Alcatraz lighthouse has been in operation since 1854 and the only interruption of it was in 1970, when a fire broke out in the lighthouse keeper’s quarters, causing an interruption of electricity.

Alcatraz was known to be surrounded by sharks. However, the biggest danger of an escape by sea was not sharks, but the strong current present in San Francisco Bay and the water temperature. Sharks, on the other hand, are not “man-eating” sharks.


So the best way to escape Alcatraz was still the boat …





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