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San Francisco #1 : Lombard Street, Fisherman’s Wharf

Today, let’s go to the city that will challenge your calves: San Francisco!

San Francisco is the city that sounds super relaxed! The one where you want to picnic on a lawn in a park or on the harbor overlooking the Golden Bridge. This is the city where you see yourself running and hang on to the tram elegantly. Well no no no!

Come on, let’s go!

Upon landing in San Francisco, everything is simple! Baggage arrives quickly, there is a train that goes from the airport, directly to the city center. everything is perfect !

Well, I booked a bed in a dormitory at Hi San Francisco – City Center. The neighborhood is not necessarily top, the hostel is on Ellis Street, we immediately notice a concentration of homeless people in the streets nearby. It’s something I’ve noticed a lot during my trip, there are a lot of homeless people in the United States, perhaps is it a coincidence that this is true only in the 3 cities I did, who knows …


Arriving at the hostel, I was told that I would be on the 6th floor … I already imagine a creepy room with no light or very little … I got into the elevator where the receptionist told me: “Caution, it is very old, so you really have to close the metal gate to make it work “… So yes, it was a very old elevator that closed with a metal gate and a wooden door, and it’s pretty authentic! I like it a lot! Then came the 6th floor … And under the elevator door, I could see a lot of light!

The 6th floor is the brightest floor of the entire hostel. I blame myself so much for having moaned in the elevator! I then enter the room 610 and there! Wow! It is super bright, there are huge windows that look directly onto the street, with a view of the Transamerica Pyramid 🙂 Come on! Take that in your face, little French grumpy!

Just dropping the backpack in the room, the map of the city in the back pocket of the shorts and let’s go!


Then Lombard Street, as the crow flies, is 2 km away … as the crow flies … In San Francisco, do not be fooled by the distances as the crow flies, because everything is ascent and descents with inclinations up to 31 ° for some streets, that’s why I spoke of challenge for the calves! It will take me 45 minutes to get there, but it’s definitely worth it because Lombard Street is still worth seeing. The cars fighting to get off and the tourists who do not measure the danger and get in the middle of the descent to have the best photo to post on Instagram. Besides these little details, this street is beautiful! Beautiful bushes and very pretty flowers adorn the descent. You can walk down this street, but to the side. A tip, better to go down than to climb, the inclination of the slope is still 27% for pedestrians and reduced to 16% for cars due to bends.

After walking along Lombard Street, follow Fisherman’s Wharf. A small detour to see the famous cable cars turn around for a photo and a small video and go!

East of Fisherman’s Wharf, there is a small beach with a partial view of the Golden Gate Bridge. The first time I saw it from my stay, not the last one 🙂

After the quick look on the Golden Gate Bridge, let’s go to the wharf to try the famous Clam Chowder:


Ok, the name of the restaurant sounds weird for French people but the soup is just … WOW ! I was waiting for so long to try it and it was worth it ! The only interrogation I got was : “How can we use the bread without spreading soup everywhere ?” but finally, I found a way 🙂

It’s already time to go back to the hostel, the way back will be much more difficult than the way to go to the Harbour. I really think that this city will challenge my calves and my endurance 🙂

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