Who’s that girl ?


This girl there, it’s Ana, 31 years old. A broken English and a French accent. Solo traveler since already a few years. She visited 24 countries for the moment, but visited 16 of them the last 3 years.

Three years ago, when the company she was working for was about to offer her a permanent contract, she just decided to take a one-way trip to Sydney.

It was the beginning of an incredible adventure, but feel reassured, it is not a website on an adventure of backpacker in Australia, but a website on the overtaking of itself, or how get lost at the other end of the world to better find itself.

Well, it’s still a little targeted website … It is a girl, she is travelling solo and hates complicated things for holidays, especially to spend a full month salary just to enjoy in the sun …
So on this website, there are anecdotes, good deals, travel diaries in incredible places and in less than pleasant places.

What are you waiting for ? Let’s go!

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