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Travelling alone in South Africa when you are a girl

This article is the reason why I created the website. I did not find any “real” information about travelling alone in South Africa when you are a girl so I had to go there to find out more. I warn you, it may be long and if I do not cover a part that would interest you, do not hesitate to contact me 🙂

“Ah, but you’re crazy!” “No, it’s so dangerous!” “But you will never going back!” “The crime rate is super high!” “The girls over there are being assaulted, raped and killed!” “You should go with a tour operator” … And so on … That’s all I heard when I announced that I was going to travel to South Africa in November-December 2017.

Now, what I will tell you will not necessarily be easy to hear, it may shock you, you will not rely on it … So if you are not ready to hear the truth about what happened to me in South Africa, I advise you to close this page immediately.

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