Northern Drakensberg

Today, I take you above the clouds at the top of the Tugela Falls! The highest waterfalls in Africa and the second highest in the world.

MapI introduce you to Northern Drakensberg, a mountainous region of South Africa between Durban and Johannesburg. Far from everything, this region is very sparsely populated and that is just happiness in its purest form!

The hike I made that day was done with a guide because this region and especially this hike is extremely dangerous especially with the capricious weather of this region of Africa.

To do this hike, I went to a hotel near Bergville, The Amphitheater Backpackers Lodge accessible either by car or with the buses of the company Baz Bus that stop right in front of the reception of this hotel, hostel and camping.

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North America

Preparation of a 3 weeks trip in 3 different cities

Today, I decided to put my “preparation” online for my 3 weeks trip to the United States.

If I wrote “preparation” like this, it’s just that this trip was a last-minute trip, because the takeoff is scheduled for next week and my plane tickets were purchased just yesterday. Yes, yes, I think the site Last Minute was created for me … Even if in the end, I absolutely did not use it …

Initially, I wanted to go to Alaska to do the Stampede Trail, but for once, a week was a bit too short to get everything ready and so this trip is postponed to the next year. But I did not see myself staying 3 weeks at home, even if Ireland is beautiful!

So I decided to go

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