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New York, New York : First anecdotes

My trip to the United States began as a cliché of a bad teen movie …

Indeed, I looked badly at the airport of arrival on my flight ticket, I thought to arrive at the airport of Newark, but instead, I arrived at the airport of Steward in the state of New York … which is around 120 km from New York …

A short moment of panic, then I say to myself “No but there must be a train or a bus?” No information … I am starting to check for carpool websites, but no one is driving from Steward to Manhattan, it must be said that in addition, it is Sunday, and in addition, it is Pentecost … As we say in France : This is the pompon! (Bad translation, but I was laughing so loud that I had to write it here … sorry …) I tell myself that I will eventually ask the people who were on the plane with me to know if someone would go to Manhattan, but people ran away as soon as they get their luggages … Great start in the US !

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When you want to stop everything …

Today, let’s talk seriously. Because traveling is fun, we discover new places, new cultures, we meet people, we are relaxed … But there is always a moment, where you wonder if you should just stop everything and go back home!

Yes, yes, you know, that little voice that says to you: “Well, it’s all over, you’ve finished your existential crisis, now you’re putting everything inside your backpack and you’re going home! “

This moment can happen at anytime, usually it happens when you fail at a point of the trip. Today, I will tell you one of MY moments.

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